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    Qingdao Xunon Bioengineering Co., Ltd. is located in Sino-German Ecopark, Qingdao West Coast New Economic District, founded in 2012. Xunon is a national high-tech enterprise that devotes to industrial technology research and the development of engineering application of algae, as well as purification of micro algae high value-added and deep processing. Xunon has been focused on microalgae industry technology development and the production process, and is also the only domestic full industrial chain control of micro algae enterprises, algae resources comprehensive exploitation and good technical conditions.      We have completed An area of 120000 square meters of economic scale micro algae breeding demonstration base includingEuglena, Haematococcus pluvialis, chlorella pyrenoidosa, Nannochloropsis, spirulina, chlorella dunaliella and so on. While we have built specialized production workshop for DHA, EPA, and natural astaxanthin algal oil and so on.

      Xunon's high level Research and Development Department is leaded by returned overseas scholars and composed of biological, chemical, pharmaceutical, food science and engineering and other professional of top talent in the field, at the same time Xunon employs the international famous scientists in the field of professional as our technical advisers, and strengthens deep cooperation with the Chinese academy of sciences, the Ocean University of China, such as more than 10 scientific research institutes and well-known enterprises at home and abroad, we always continue to increase investment in product development and innovation.

     At present, Xunon has won several national projects funds. We all the time puts independent innovation as the driving force of survival and development, and we have obtained 15 invention patents and 5 utility-model patents from the Chinese National Patent Office. Xunon will continue to improve and strengthen the ability of building its own intellectual property .